Who Are Travel Agents And What Do They Do?

Who Are Travel Agents And What Do They Do?

The answer to the question, “Who are travel agents?” may differ for everyone. There are several types of travel agents in Canada and across the world: independent contractors and employees of large agencies. Travel agents employed by large travel agencies usually follow a 40-hour work week, but some work overtime during peak travel seasons. This information can answer many questions if you want to become a travel agent. 

Qualifications for becoming a travel agent

A high school diploma is minimum qualification to become a travel agent in Canada. You’ll have to build up experience through on-the-job training and industry-specific computer programs as a travel agent. However, a travel agency will help you earn your certification and improve your career prospects. Taking a certification course is highly recommended because you can become certified in a short time and boost your career prospects. You can also pursue a postgraduate degree in travel and tourism to become a specialist in one area.

Responsibilities of a travel agent

The most common responsibilities of a travel agent include booking tickets, lodging, and local transportation. Other responsibilities include selling travel products and services, keeping financial records and statistical data, and budgeting future projects. Travel agents also deal with clients and are responsible for customer service. They must be professional, helpful, and responsive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. To succeed in this career, you should have a passion for travel and the ability to work with people.

Commission splits for travel agents.

While the commission splits for travel agents differ from business to business, they usually follow the same basic structure. Most travel agents work on a percentage of net commission basis. This is much more advantageous than other marketing efforts. Travel agents make money by actively booking trips for customers. The average commission split for travel agents in 2021-2022 will be between 10% and 20% of the retail price. 

The work environment of a travel agent


The work environment of a travel agent is typically indoors, in an office or cubicle. Agents typically spend their days making travel arrangements, consulting with clients, and conducting marketing activities. During peak travel periods, they often have to work long hours. Those who run their own business can set their hours and telecommunicate, although many agents prefer to work in an office. Despite the demanding schedule, a travel agent’s job requires great attention to detail.

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